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By MEXT, a project to constitute bases for cooperation in education has been set up to enable educational collaborations in developing countries to be carried out further effectively. The main purpose of this program is the reorganisation and storage of knowledge and experience on educational research that Japan currently possesses. This process is also aimed to lead on to the construction of educational cooperation models. This will open doors for participants both nationally and internationally to obtain information readily appliable in practical use and also to gather results that can expect outcomes immediately after implementation.

This project was launched in 2007 and ran for 4 years.

By CRICED, this library has been set up in Cooperation Bases System by MEXT (2007--2010) and has been managed by the Management Expenses Grants. In this library, the result of "Cooperation Bases System by MEXT" and "Support and Coordination Project" for an international, educational cooperation by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is put.

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